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Алімов В. В.. Юридичний переклад: практичний курс. Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник. Вид. 3-е, стереотипне. - М.: Ком Книга. - 160 с., 2005 - перейти до змісту підручника


preparation for trial trial

to precede the trial the defense / defence

to enter a motion to challenge the jurisdiction to file л demurrer a motion for dismissal to interview prospective witnesses


підготовка до судового процесу, приготування до судового разбира тельству -

судовий розгляд; судовий

процес; слухання справи по суті -

передувати судового розгляду -

захист, оборона, обставина, осво

бождающсс від відповідальності, заборона-внести пропозицію-оскаржувати юрисдикцію, виступати проти юрисдикції -

зробити / внести процесуальний відвід,

заперечення -

пропозицію / клопотання про відхилення / відвід і т. д.

-опрашівать/спрашівать потенційних / передбачуваних свідків to secure expert evidence

показання ек-


to gather testimony civil or criminal trials


справи по суті

trial procedure

civil and criminal cases officers of the court

the judge


the aforementioned duties the court clerk a juror a venirman a resident a voter a householder the jury box the bailiff

the courtroom to deliberate the court reporter

щіі справами

objections exhibits

судовий зал

the attorney a just verdict

a constitutional safeguard insufficient evidence

забезпечити свідків

сперте, докази, отримані експертизою; свідчення екс-

-збирати показання свідків-цивільні та кримінальні судові

процедура розгляду

-цивільні та кримінальні справи

-посадові особи суду, чиновники, -

суддя -

вищезгадані обов'язки

секретар суду присяжний засідатель-присяжний-місцевий житель -

виборець -

домовласник -

лава присяжних -

бейліф, судовий пристав, управляю-

зал судових засідань;

радитися, обговорювати судовий секретар. репортер, стіно-графіст-заперечення

-речові докази, експонати


- юрист, адвокат, атторней, прокурор-справедливе рішення, справедливий вердикт

-конституційна гарантія, захист-недостатнє доказ INTRODUCTORY EXERCISES Переведіть усно (рекомендується для послідовного перекладу з повторенням):

Participants in the Civil Courts the criminal courts, the closeness of the relationships among these people depends on the regularity with which a set of lawyers comes before a particular judge. Thus, in rural courts and in courts (and court divisions) with jurisdiction over a narrow range of civil cases, a judge may deal frequently with a relatively small group of lawyers. In urban courts with a broad jurisdiction, judges may encounter a much larger group of lawyers, and close working relationships are less likely to develop.

Judges. The great majority of judges spend at least part of their time hearing civil cases. Many judges sit on courts that hear only civil cases, and some specialize even more narrowly, serving permanently on courts or divisions that handle only probate, domestic relations, or bankruptcy cases.

In most respects, the powers and responsibilities of judges in civil cases are similar to those in criminal cases.

Attorneys. As in criminal cases, attorneys are usually present in all but the most minor civil cases. Their participation is marked by specialization: lawyers generally concentrate in a few areas of the law, so work in most areas is handled chiefly by specialists and quasispecialists. But in a few common and nontechnical areas, such as estates, many lawyers who are not specialists take occasional cases.

Some areas of law handled in civil courts resemble criminal law in the sense that a particular lawyer always represents only one of

As in icrimmal courts, the most important participants in civil courts are lawyers and judges in both settings they constitute the core of the courtroom work group.

As in 106. _. ,! the two types of parties that contend in court.

Eattiea. The contending parties in a civil case are designated as the plaintiff (the party that brings the suit) and the defendant (the party against whom the suit is brought).

KJ Переведіть усно з листа:

Preliminary Hearing

If the individual charged with a crime requests a preliminary hearing before a magistrate, the court will set a hearing within a reasonably short time. At the hearing, the-state must present sufficient evidence to convince the magistrate that there is reason to believe the defendant has committed the crime with which he is charged. Th * 1 defendant must be present at this hearing, and he may or may not present evidence on his own behalf,

If the magistrate believes the evidence justifies it, he will order the defendant bound over for trial in the proper court - that is, placed under bond for appearance at trial, or held in jail if the charge involved is not a bailable offence or if the defendant is unable to post bond. The magistrate also may decide that even without bond the accused will most likely appear in court for his trial and therefore will release him on his own recognizance, that is, on his own promise to appear. If he concludes the state has failed to produce sufficient evidence in the preliminary hearing, the magistrate may dismiss the charge and order the defendant released.


У юридичному перекладі слово "officer" може перекладатися на російську як "службовець" суду, поліція, ане офіцер.

Слово "officer" часто використовується при зверненні до поліцейського (констеблеві): Excuse me officer, how can I get to, ..? У тексті Officers of the court - посадові особи суду, чиновники. Chief Executive Officer - президент США, але career / regular officer - лад-роеий офіцер.

0 Переведіть усно і письмово (рекомендується

для зорово-усного і зорово-письмового перекладу):

Preparation for Trial

As in civil cases, very careful preparation on the part of the state and the defense precedes the trial. However, the defense may first enter a motion challenging the jurisdiction of the court over the particular offense involved, or over the particular defendant. The defense attorney also may file a demurrer, or motion for dismissal, as in a civil suit.

In preparing for trial, attorneys for both sides will interview prospective witnesses and, if deemed necessary, secure expert evidence, and gather testimony concerning ballistics, chemical tests, casts and other similar data.

TRIALS Civil or Criminal

While in detail there are minor differences in trial procedure between civil and criminal cases, the basic pattern in the courtroom is the same, disqualified from the jury duty because he is not a resident voter or householder, because of age, hearing defects, or because he has served recently on a jury.

Then the court clerk will draw names of the remaining veniremen from a box, and they will take seats in the jury box. After twelve veniremen have been approved as jurors by the judge and the attorneys, the court clerk will administer an oath to the persons so chosen "to well and truly try the case".

The bailiff is an officer of the court whose duties are to keep order in the courtroom, to call witnesses, and to take charge of the jury as instructed by the court at such times as the jury may not be in the courtroom, and particularly when, having received the case, the jury is deliberating upon its decision. It is the duty of the bailiff to see that no one talks with or attempts to influence the jurors in any manner.

The court reporter has the duty of recording all proceedings in the courtroom, including testimony of the witnesses, objections made to evidence by the attorneys and the ruling of the court thereon, and listing and marking for identification any exhibits offered or introduced into evidence.

In some states, the clerk of the court has charge of exhibits.

The attorneys are officers of the court whose duties are to represent their respective clients and present the evidence on their behalf, so that the jury or the judge may reach a just verdict or decision.

The role of the attorney is sometimes misunderstood, particularly in criminal proceedings. Our system of criminal jurisprudence presumes every defendant to be innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Every defendant is entitled to be represented by legal counsel, regardless of the unpopularity of his cause. This is a constitutional safeguard.

It is entirely ethical for an attorney to represent a defendant whom the community may assume to be guilty. The accused is entitled to counsel in order that he be protected from conviction on insufficient evidence, and he is entitled to every pro tection which the law affords him. Off leers of the Court

The Judge is the officer who is either elected or appointed to preside over the court. If the case is to be tried before a jury, the judge rules upon points of law dealing with trial procedure, presentation of the evidence and the law of the case. If the case is tried before the judge alone, he will determine the facts in addition to performing the aforementioned duties.

The court clerk is an officer of the court, also either elected or appointed, who at the beginning of the trial, upon the judge's instruction, gives the entire panel of prospective jurors {veniremen) an oath . By this oath, the venireman promises that, if called, he will truly answer any question concerning his qualifications to sit as a juror in the case.

Any venireman who is disqualified by law, or has a valid reason to be excused under the law, ordinarily is excused by the judge at this time. A person may be


Перекажіть текст "Officers of the Court" c перекладом (один навчаний переказує, а інший переводить).

Переведіть на слух а швидкому темпі;

The bailiff, секретар суду, a resident, common law, заперечення (у суді), a householder, судовий процес, venirmen , цивільні і кримінальні справи, to file a demurrer, лава присяжних, to gather testimony, внести пропозицію, to challenge the jurisdiction, обвинувальний акт, arraignment, речові докази, a just verdict.


1 * 1 Переведіть на слух: 1. Дуже ретельна підготовка з боку (on the part) державного об винен і захисту передує судовому процесу. 2.

Захист може спочатку виступити з пропозицією, який оскаржить юрис дикцію суду по конкретній порушення в справі або стосовно конкурують ного відповідача. 3.

Захисник також може висунути заперечення або клопотання про від воді. 4.

При підготовці до судового засідання адвокати обох сторін опитають перед полагаємих свідків і, якщо необхідно, отримають висновок експерта і зберуть дані щодо балістики, хімічної експертизи, збитків та інші подібні відомості. в

Переведіть усно (телефонна розмова); Секретар суду: Ет0 661421? - Можу я поговорити з місіс Пайк?

Місіс Паїк: Місіс Пайк у телеф0На, я слухаю.

Секретар суду. jyjb [T0JIbK0 чт0 досланий Вам повістку про явку до суду як свідка (subpoena [азЬ'ркпе] for attendance of witness). Адвокати обох сторін хочуть задати Вам кілька запитань. Не могли б ви прийти в суд завтра вранці або післязавтра?

Місіс Пайк: Повістку я ще не отримала і завтра прийти я не зможу. Нехай це буде післязавтра в 10 ранку, якщо це Вас влаштовує.

Секретар суду: Добре, чекаємо Вас післязавтра в 10 ранку. Спасибі, до побачення!

Місіс Пайк: До побачення!

Four і т. д. "double six '44" double

/ і Переведіть усно і письмово {рекомендується

^ для зорово-усного і зорово-письмового перекладу);

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