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Алімов В. В.. Юридичний переклад: практичний курс. Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник. Вид. 3-е, стереотипне. - М.: Ком Книга. - 160 с., 2005 - перейти до змісту підручника


international law

-міжнародне право / міжнародний закон

-укладати політичні і економіч-TERMS AND EXPRESSIONS to make political and economic

treaties Medieval Europe the Canon Law Law Merchant

to mediate

rivalry ('raivalril to call for equal treatment an early international human rights law

The League of Nations to lead to important international legislation the 1951 Convention on the Status

of Refugees Domestic laws

popular political support enforcement of international law

many international agreements are

not binding the 1966 International Convention

on Civil and Political Rights

the 1991 Gulf War world police force

UN peacekeeping forces кі договори-середньовічна Європа-канонічне право-торгове право, звичайне торгове право

-посередником, виступати в якості посередника-суперництво, конкуренція-закликати до однакового поводження-ранній [один з перших) міжнародний закон з прав людини -

Ліга Націй

-приводити до міжнародного законодавства -

Коп itei і ніч (Між на род ни й договір)

1951 року щодо статусі біженців-внутрішні, внутрішньодержавні закони

-народна політична підтримка-застосування міжнародного права, закону

-багато міжнародні договори не мають обов'язкової сили -

Міжнародна конвенція (договір)

"Про громадянські та політичні права"-Війна в затоці 1991-міжнародні сили поліції; міжнародна поліція; міжнародні поліцейські сили-сили ООН з підтримання миру; миротворчі сили ООН 79 self-interested motives the UN Charter

to interfere in the internal affairs the UN Security Council to grant access to the principle of non-intervention issue

-мотиви [ причини) особистої зацікавленості -

статут ООН

-втручатися у внутрішні справи -

Рада безпеки ООН -

надавати (забезпечувати) доступ до,. -Принцип невтручання

-питання, спірне питання INTRODUCTORY EXERCISES

TT Переведіть на слух з листа

(рекомендується для зорово-усного перекладу з підготовкою пли без підготовки): (a)


Some areas of the law, such as intellectual property and human rights, are partic ularly concerned with developing laws which are valid internationally.


With more international business and travel and a growing awareness that many socio-economic and environment problems need global solutions, the future of the world of law appears to be one of internationalization. 3.

There are two main kinds of international law: private and public. 4.

The former concerns the rule of foreign laws within a particular country.

5. If an Englishman wants to sell property he owns in France to another English man, any English court must consider French law when deciding the legality of the contract of sale.

6. Public international law, on the other hand, deals with relations between states. (B)


Political changes in Europe and elsewhere have resulted in extensive migrations and mixing of peoples, which favour international crime. 2.

Interpol became necessary mainly because of the need both for a united front for the combating of international crime and for exchange of ideas and methods between the police forces of the world. 3.

In 1914, for the first time, a number of police officials, magistrates and jurists met j to establish the basis of international police co-operation. 4.

During the second criminal police congress, in Vienna in 1923, the President of | Police of the city once again voiced the idea of establishing international police \ co-operation. 5.

A scheme was approved by 130 delegates and an International Criminal Police1] Commission with headquarters in Vienna came into being. 6.

In 1946, the old members of the ICPC which has been disrupted by the war, metf in Brussels to revive the idea of international police co-operation.


7, In 1956 the organization counted fifty-five member countries which met in Vienna to adopt a new constitution.

3, Under the new Constitution, it comprised fifty articles, the International Criminal Police Commission was renamed the "International Criminal Police Organiza-tion-mtcrpol".

9. The combating of international crime is divided into three distinct but complementary activities: the exchange of police information; the identification of wanted or suspected individuals; the arrest of those who are wanted on a warrant issued by the judicial authorities.


Зверніть увагу на те, що пункти 1, 2, 3, 4 Статті 1 Статуту ООН починаються з інфінітива: 1.

Те maintain ... 2.

Те develop ... 3.

Те achieve ... 4.

Те be a centre for ...

При перекладі можна використовувати трансформацію і переводити інфінітив іменниками або залишити інфінітив і в перекладі, але принцип однорідності в пунктах повинен витримуватися: переводити або іменниками, або дієсловами.

Q Переведіть усно

{рекомендується для зорово-усного та усного перекладу на слух):

CHARTER of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice


The Purposes of the United Nations are: 1.

To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and inter national law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace; 2.

To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the princi pie of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace; 3. To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encour aging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinc tion as to race, sex. language, or religion; and

4. To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.

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Інформація, релевантна" LESSON 11 PUBLIC LAW. INTERNATIONAL LAW "
  1. Lesson 4. Classifications of Law
    public and private law to be concerned with constitutional law administrative law the multitude of administrative agencies criminal law general maxim to provide punishment for violation of law to encompass the subjects tort property law of contract subject of sale commercial paper agency business organization business law law of torts source of litigation wrong to
    public law disputes among citizens disputes between citizens and the state law of contracts law of torts law of trusts state law probate law family law criminal law procedural criminal law well being constitutional law private citizen inheritance unjust enrichment law of persons legal remedies criminal procedure civil procedure to bring a criminal prosecution against
  3. Growth of International Law
    law. Nevertheless, most international law lias been created in the twentieth century. The League of Nations was set up after World War I to regulate disputes between nations. However, it failed to stop the tension that led to World War II, partly because some powerful countries did not join (US) and others left when they disagreed with its decisions (Germany, Japan}. But it led to important
    public expenditure / / Review of Economics and Statistics, 1954, № 36. P. 387. 21 Samuelson P. Diagrammatic exposition of a theory of public expenditure / / Review of Economics and Statistics, 1955, № 37. P. 355. 22 Див: Olson M. The Logic of Collective Action. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1965; Hardin R. Collective Action. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
    public security during the period following the release. 3. A series of parole conditions or rules are established either by law or by adminis trative direction of the parolling authority. 4. The parolee is expected to conform to these conditions during the period of his supervision. 5. His conditional release may be revolved either for the commission of a new crime or for a "technical
    public позов проти держави державна влада; орган державної влади знання права (закону) справи конституційного права бути неконституційним, суперечить конституції місцева влада; орган місцевої влади незаконний ; позашлюбний; незаконнонароджений рівноправність (рівність] громадян (людей) - офіційна писана конституція; конституція, написана за всіма правилами як
    public law and order tortions ['txtjuasj act tort of trespass to sue tort of nuisance tort of negligence breach of a legal duty of care vicarious [vai'kearias] liability to be remediable in tort tortfeaser (committer of the tort) to give smb the legal capacity to sue wrongdoing a contractual relationship tort of defamation Employers Liability Act - деликтное право
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  9. Довірча власність у цивільному праві Англії та США
    public trust), і вони діють в інтересах всього суспільства або якоїсь його 'частини. Довірча власність виникає різними шляхами. Насамперед-в результаті одностороннього розпорядження засновника з розрахунком її действія74 як за життя самого розпорядника, так і на випадок смерті (у заповіті); або в результаті договору . Але довірча власність може виник-j нуть і без
    public prosecutor banister цію для роботи, хто став офіційно придатним для роботи ... -визначати, кваліфікувати-атторней; адвокат; повірений-публічний, суспільний / державний обвинувач-баррістер (адвокат, що має право виступати у вищих судах)-соллісітор; стряпчий; юрисконсульт-обговорювати справу-право виступати в суді solicitor to argue a case the right to be
    public law - the law regulating the relations between citizens and the state. Crimes can be thought of as acts which the state considers to be wrong and which can be punished by the state. hi many legal systems it is an important principle that a person cannot be considered guilty of a crime until the state proves he committed it. The suspect himself need not prove anything, although he
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