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Алімов В. В.. Юридичний переклад: практичний курс. Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник. Вид. 3-е, стереотипне. - М.: Ком Книга. - 160 с., 2005 - перейти до змісту підручника



common law

the concept of precedent

doctrine of stare decisis

to be contrasted with (to)

the concept of res adjudicate

the matter is closed

the conclusion of the lawsuit

the loosing party

to decide the dispute

a court of competent jurisdiction

written opinion

in deciding subsequent cases subordinate courts to be bound by the rale of law the parties involved74

to provide both certainty and predictability reliance upon precedent to rely on prior decisions legal significance reasonable certainty to renounce precedent an unpopular court ruling to overrule the common -law system the continental law judicial decision 'o be beyond the grasp

' ayinen Private law

lo govern one's conduct the advice of legal counsel ° odified law system

-прецедентне право-загальне право-концепція прецеденту-доктрина судового прецеденту-в порівнянні з ... (На відміну від ...)-концепція вирішеного справи-питання закрите-завершення судової справи-сторона, що програла-вирішити спір

- суд правомочною юрисдикції-рішення в письмовому вигляді (у письмовій формі)-при рішенні наступних справ-підлеглі суди-бути пов'язаним нормою права-задіяні сторони (беруть участь сторони)-забезпечувати і визначеність, і передбачуваність-опора на прецедент-покладатися на попередні рішення-правове значення-розумна визначеність-відмовлятися від прецеденту-непопулярне рішення суду-скасовувати , відхиляти,,.

-Система загального права-континентально-європейське право-судове рішення-бути за межами можливого сприйняття; бути недоступним-неюрісти, неспеціалісти-приватне право-керувати своєю поведінкою - консультація юридичної ради-система кодифікованого права 25 INTRODUCTORY EXERCISES

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Common Law is a system in which legal decisions are based upon decisions in previous cases and on customs, rather than on detailed written laws. 2.

It is sometimes called case law and originally developed in England. 3.

Common law is an important part of the legal systems of many countries which have been influenced by English law, such as the USA and India. (B)

1. Continental Law is a system in which legal decisions are usually made by apply ing detailed written laws to the case in question. 2.

Various forms of continental law are found in continental Europe and ш parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. 3.

It is sometimes known as Roman Law because it was influenced by the laws developed in ancient Rome. 4.

It is also sometimes known as codified law because the system often requires laws to be written in the form of precise, detailed codes.

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The doctrine of stare decisis : to stand by decisions and not to disturb what is settled; the concept of res adjudicata; the matter is closed; at the conclusion of the lawsuit; the loosing party; to ask a court to decide the dispute; a written opinion; to set forth the rule; in deciding subsequent cases; subordinate courts; in the same jurisdiction; to be bound by the rule of law; to affect persons; the parties involved; to provide both certainty and predictability; reliance upon precedent; legal issues; areas of the law; a certain legal effect; to rely on prior decisions; the legal significance; to renounce precedent; an unpopular court ruling; several inherent difficulties: to place "the law" beyond the actual knowledge; the total body of ruling case law; to be beyond the grasp of lawyers; the advice of legal council.

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    cases, the state) is called the prosecution, but the party bringing a civil action is the plain tiff. In both kinds of action the other party is known as the defendant. A criminal case against a person called Ms. Brown would be described as "The People vs. (= Versus, or against) Brown" in the United States and "R. (Regina, that is, the Queen) vs. 39 Brown" In England. But a civil action
    cases decided by the courts source of law legal system to be patterned after ... to codify laws to reduce laws to statutes statutes must be in keeping with the constitution to overrule a statute to violate constitutional provisions written law unwritten law Also Included under this heading the law of the land case law to set forth Statutory law the product of the legislature the product of
    case law; the crime of theft; dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another; further definitions of each element; to define in detail crimes; to commit an act of violence; robbery; burglary; criminal act; criminal state of mind; actus reus; mens rea; malice aforethought, definition of intent; to pass a new law; in most industrialized countries; to deal with computer crimes; the fastest
    case of breach of the assumed promise a remedy was provided in the form of a special suit. 7. Суди надавали захист тим відносинам, в яких обіцянку небудь зробити було дано в обмін на який-небудь еквівалент або на те, що для боржника має інтерес. 8. Thus, the doctrine of consideration was gradually developing. CI Переві дитя письмово; Law of Contracts English law
  5. Використана література
    case of urban politics in the United States / / K. R. Cox, ed. Urbanization and Conflict in Market Societies. London, 1978. P. 76-93. Short J. R. Political Geography. Second Edition. London; New York, 1993. Taylor P. J., Flint З Political Geography, World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality. Fourth Edition, Harlow, 2000. Wollmann H. Local Government Systems: From Historic Divergence Towards
  6. Тексти
    and Control. - NY,
    and scantiness of the schemes exposing an inexhaustible diversity of being forms in the world of developing systems. The world unity appeared to be inwardly different, heterogeneous, discrete, contradictory and multiform. The occured infinite variety of the universe required both new forms of world outlook and new methodological forms and technologies of philosophic conceptions forming.
  8. Case Law
    case has established a precedent. The doctrine of stare decisis must be contrasted with the concept of res adjudicata, which means that the "thing has been decided". Res adjudicata applies when, between the patties themselves, the matter is closed at the conclusion of the lawsuit. The losing party cannot again ask a court to decide the dispute. Stare decisis means that a court of competent
  9. LESSON12 Judicial Institutions. English Courts
    case was not fairly treated a lower court a higher court the right of appeal a supreme lawmaking body civil and criminal law the Crown Court the County Court - правова система - приймати рішення-судовий позов, судову справу - суд по сімейних справах - суд у справах неповнолітніх - до його справи поставилися несправедливо-нижчий суд-вищестоящий суд - право на апеляцію
    case of public charities. 8. Trust law is also relevant to the administration of property when, someone dies. 9. Under Anglo-American law the dead person's property passes immediately to administrators (called executors if the dead person left a will). 10. They become the legal owners of the dead person's property, and hold it on trust until they have paid debts and taxes and can pass it on
  11. Контрольні питання
    case of urban politics in the United States / / K, R. Cox, ed. Urbanization and Conflict in Market Societies. London, 1978. P. 76-93. Short J. R. Political Geography. Second Edition. London; New York, 1993. Taylor P. J., Flint C. Political Geography, World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality. Fourth Edition, Harlow, 2000. Wollmann H. Local Government Systems: From Historic Divergence Towards
  12. LESSON WHAT is LAY /?
    Case law прецедентне право procedural rules-процесуальні правила evidence показання свідків, улика enforcement примус, примусове виконан ня judgjelment 'substantive судове рішення, вирок law to resolve матеріальне право controversies state вирішувати спори pressure (action) державне вплив INTRODUCTORY EXERCISES II Переведіть наступні
  13. Список використаної літератури
    case. 7. This questioning of the jurors is known as the voir dire. 8. Thus, the jury is selected and then is sworn in by the court clerk to try the case. -ІЗ 1. Three boxes of spare parts were received last Thursday. 2. Edward Bright was called to the jury box two days ago, 3. The witness box was occupied by a huge man. who was giving evidence in favour; of the defendant. 4. The
    cases officers of the court the judge службовці the aforementioned duties the court clerk a juror a venirman a resident a voter a householder the jury box the bailiff the courtroom to deliberate the court reporter щіі справами objections exhibits судовий зал the attorney a just verdict a constitutional safeguard insufficient evidence забезпечити свідків сперте,
  15. Проблема покарання
    cases of the prosecution successfully appealing for a more severe punishment. In Japan, it is even possible for the prosecution to appeal that a not-guilty decision be changed to guilty. Appeals from the Crown Court go first to the High Court and, in special cases, to the Court of Appeal, Occasionally, a case is carried through this system of appeal all the way to the House of Lords,
  16. Список використаних джерел
    and Brain Sciences, № 3, pp. 63110. McCarthy] - (1979). Ascribing Mental Qualities to Machines / / Philosophical Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence / Ringle M. (Ed.), pp. 161-95. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press. [Multiple authors] (1978). «Cognition and Consciousness in Non-Human Species» / / Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1 (4): entire issue. : Newell A. (1979).
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